Corrie + Will you Look at Me – Cinema Galeries

Corrie + Will you Look at Me

  • Prices 8 €, 6 €, 5 € for groups of 10 or more
  • Moderator ticket Article 27, Arsène 50
  • Abonnement Carte 5 places Cinema Galeries, UGC Unlimited, Cineville Pass

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Marieke Widlak, 2022, 24′

How do you reinvent yourself when your partner is going through a change? This task awaits Corrie. Her partner Ashley is in transition from male to female. Corrie increasingly wonders to what extent she can follow her partner in the transition. She will have to look for who she is deep down in order to come to an answer.

Will you Look at Me

Shuli Huan, 2022, 20′

After spending some time in New York, filmmaker Shuli Huang returns to his hometown of Wenzhou. Without his lover, who is about to start studying in Belgium, he is alone with his family. Huang’s mother can’t accept that her  son is gay, and begs him to lead a “normal” life. We hear their conversations in the form of a voice-over, as they run the gamut from self-reproach and wailing to emotional blackmail. Motherly love and social conventions collide painfully time after time, without any resolution.