CINEMA GALERIES is a place dedicated to ‘cinema in all its forms ” in the heart of Brussels. Located in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert and formed by two screening rooms, an exhibition area of 1000m2 and a new bar.

CINEMA GALERIES is a unique place in the historic center. The cinema was built in 1939 by the architect Paul Bonduelle, at a request of the Oswald brothers and Robert Putzeys. It is a listed monument since 1993 because of its historical and artistic value. The style of the cinema is between Art Deco and Modernism with a subtle Mediterranean and Romanesque decoration. The initial unique theater with 600 places has been transformed in 1973 by the architect Danlee to add a second room on the first floor. The family company that manages the Galeries is still the owner of the building. The entrance hall was restored in 2005 – 2006: The doors have been refurbished according to the original model.