• Presented at the Locarno Film Festival, this film won the CINE + Special Jury Prize.
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  • - Cinemamed – 23ème Festival méditerranéen de Bruxelles - Competition, Venice Days 2023, 2023, AF - Audience Award, Youth Jury Award, Thessaloniki Film Festival, 2023, GR
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  • Cannes 2023 - Sélection Officielle
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  • A true weaving of present-day images and family and historical archives, Bye Bye Tiberias is a journey through four generations of bold Palestinian women who preserve their intimate and collective memory through the strength of their bonds, despite exile, dispossession, and upheavals.
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  • Presented at the Quinzaine des cinéastes à Cannes 2023
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  • 2023 • Festival international du film de Berlin - Berlinale • Berlin (Allemagne) • Prix spécial du jury "Encounters" & Mention spéciale du Prix du meilleur film documentaire & Teddy Award du meilleur film documentaire & Prix du jury des lecteurs du Tagesspiegel
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  • Vuk Lungulov-Klotz's first feature film, Mutt, was shown at Sundance and the Berlinale.
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  • In a futuristic setting, philosopher Isabelle Stengers tells her story in an unexpected way, and accompanies us on the edge of the abyss where hope can emerge despite the state of the world.
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  • Alê Abreu offers us a movie with an ecological and anti-war message through colorful and luminous visuals that transport us into the playful and free universe of childhood.
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  • “An immensely seductive film, carried by infectiously driven music and succinct social commentary, full of dazzling protagonists “
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  • Grand Prix Documentaire National FIPADOC 2022
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  • Read more [Aristocrats]
  • Winner of the Grand Prix du Jury of the Cannes Film Festival - 1973
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  • Re-writing contemporary history and questioning the role of memory in the fabrication of images is a recurrent theme in Hadjithomas and Joreige’s artistic and cinematographic work. "The creative treatment of the image, including meaningful juxtaposition of different gauges and textures, has never felt so accessible to audiences unused to avant-garde practices, and while this is a deeply personal film, it will have overpowering resonance with multitudes of viewers.” Variety
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  • Medellin, Colombia. Pinky is on the run after breaking free from the grip of a religious sect. He finds a place to squat, but deceived by his own faith, he questions everything. As he tries to pick up the pieces of his life, violent memories come back to haunt him and demand revenge.
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  • "Partly serious and partly satirical and witty in tone, this is a film about impossible love, the paranoia of society and neighbourly solidarity. Topics such as body image, age, religion and sexual orientation are also broached in a wonderfully casual way. The more individuals who come into play, the more unpredictable and surprising the plot becomes and, although it may sometimes veer towards the absurd, it always treats its unusual characters with a lot of love." Berlinale
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  • A soldier suffering from PTSD befriends a young volunteer hoping to restore peaceful energy to a war-torn society.
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  • Based in Beirut, Ely Dagher is a graduate of Goldsmiths College in London. His work explores the possibilities that arise from the interplay between cultures, stories and fiction.
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  • Awarded the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival, Vitalina Varela is a hypnotic and monumental visual experience.
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  • In official competition at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, Catherine Corsini is the second filmmaker to win the Queer Palm after Céline Sciamma. In one hectic night in hospital, the director interweaves, with the right mix of comedy and drama, several of the burning social issues that are disuniting France.
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  • The brothers Harpo and Lenny Guit deliver the most awaited film of the fall season, a delightful concentrate of bad taste in the style of John Waters of the Marolles. Transpose Salut c'est cool into the world of Down and Dirty and you'll get MOTHER SCHMUCKERS, a film that brought the Guit brothers to the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.
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  • Two years after Synonyms, the Israeli director returns to the screen with Ahed’s Knee. Nadav Lapid is not afraid to depict a dirigiste country and an Israeli society governed by fear, under the influence of political censorship, art and ideas. A modern western as musical as it is radical, whose protagonist, a filmmaker in the midst of a personal crisis, will have to fight in the middle of a society in the midst of a collective crisis.
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  • The police are after a drug lord named Naser Khakzad, but when they finally manage to catch him, he tries whatever he can think of to escape and save his family.
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  • A man returns to his home in the Colombian countryside after a long fishing night and discovers that paramilitary forces have killed his two sons and thrown their bodies into the river.
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  • Toronto, 1899. Mackenzie King dreams of becoming Prime Minister of Canada. But his quest for power pits him against his mother and a Governor General. When the campaign leads to a struggle of good versus evil, King learns that deception is the only way to survive the 20th century.
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  • Every summer, a huge swarm of moths invades the Drôme region of south-eastern France. Against this background, the viewer follows Lou, who falls in love with her childhood friend Sam. Lou thinks about his doubts and desires and makes a cautious approach while his fellow villagers wait patiently for the larvae to hatch and the great invasion to begin.
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  • Grand Prix of the International Jury of La Roche-sur-Yon. Laure Calamy (César of the Best Actress 2021), shares the poster with Erika Sainte ("Bronx", "Les Rivières Pourpres"...), Alice Henri and Bruno Clairefond.
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  • 1990s rave culture was a chance to let go of oneself. If It Were Love explores such dimension through the eyes of artist Gisèle Vienne: young dancers dissolve into a community on stage, where their bodies move in graceful slow motion. Performance and reality flow together into an artistic whole.
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  • At her 70th birthday celebration, the aged mother of the Gu family suffers from a stroke, which precipitates her decline into dementia. Who will take care of her? The four brothers face crucial changes in their relationships to one another, as they deal with their own family problems. Their destinies, linked by love and challenged by questions and dilemmas, unfold over the course of the four seasons, as it would in an ancient Chinese scroll painting.
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  • Every year at the University of Saint-Denis, the "Eloquentia" competition takes place. Students of this university from all disciplines decide to participate and prepare themselves thanks to experts who teach them the difficult exercise of public speaking.
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  • A man is brought back from the dead to work in the hell of sugar cane plantations. 55 years later, a Haitian teenager tells her friends her family secret - not suspecting that it will push one of them to commit the irreparable.
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  • Ibrahim, Manar, Suleiman and Altayeb, four veteran members of the Sudanese Film Club, embark on a journey in which they aim to revive and old cinema to bring cinemagoing culture back to their country. In the crisis-ridden country, the four friends encounter insurmountable resistance.
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  • After 15 years of self-imposed exile, Menahem gets back to his ultra-orthodox home town of Bnei Brak, where he wants to face the traumatic childhood experiences of long-lasting sexual abuse within the Khasidic community.
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