Famille +7 – Brussels Short Film Festival BSFF – Cinema Galeries

Famille +7 – Brussels Short Film Festival BSFF

  • Prices 7.00 €
  • Moderator ticket Article 27, Arsène 50
  • Abonnement Carte 5 places Cinema Galeries, UGC Unlimited, Cineville Pass


Enjoy a family cinema experience: special screenings of engaging, fun films for young and old!


Enjoy a family cinema experience: special screenings of engaging, fun films for young and old!

Ice Merchants

João Gonzalez

Portugal, 2022, 14’33”, VO

Every day, a man and his son parachute from their icy house on the side of a dizzying cliff to the village below to sell their ice cream.

Swing to the moon

Marie Bordessoule, Adriana Bouissié, Nadine De Boeur, Elisa Drique, Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levero, Solenne Moreau

France, 2022, 15′, VO

In the forest, Temi, a little spider, dreams of catching the moon. She will try anything to reach him.

The Perfect Fit (L’Ajustement parfait)

Meinardas Valkevičius

Lithuanie, 2022, 10′, VO

Patrick is a shy boy from an orphanage. After visiting the zoo and observing a parrot, he starts dressing colourfully and expressing his freedom. All the people around him also begin to resemble an animal family. Even though it is harder for Patrick to find friends and parents, he remains himself and waits for the right parents to accept him.

Des Tresses

Leïla Macaire

France, 2022, 16′, VOF st FR/NL

Lili starts fourth grade at a new school and befriends Dado. As the class photo approaches, Lili has braided her hair and Dado has had his hair straightened.

Prinzessin Aubergine (Princess Aubergine)

Dina Velikovskaya

Germany, 2023, 8′, VO

A king and queen have almost everything: love, castles, horses, gardens, pets, but something is missing. Where is the princess?

L’air de rien

Gabriel Hénot-Lefèvre

France, 2022, 14′, VO

In a seaside sanatorium, an old man’s life is turned upside down by the arrival of a seagull that he slowly tames. On the day the seagull is injured, the man cares for it and briefly relives his childhood.

Svinedrengen (The Swineherd)

Magnus Igland Møller, Peter Smith

Danemark, 2023, 7′, VO

The young pig farmer looks after the king’s pigs. Everyone in the pigsty is bored, but the mood changes when the boy uses his magic cauldron! A wacky reinterpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Pig Boy.