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Hommage + Butterfly Jam

Directed bySHIN Su-won, HUANG Shih-Yen

Hommage + Butterfly Jam

Directed bySHIN Su-won, HUANG Shih-Yen
  • COUNTRY Korean
  • Duration 114
  • Prices 8.00 €, 6.00 €
  • Moderator ticket Article 27, Arsène 50
  • Abonnement Carte 5 places Cinema Galeries, UGC Unlimited, Cineville Pass

Hommage (SHIN Su-won, 2021, 108′)

Ji-wan is a 49-year-old female film director. After her 3rd film was shunned by audiences, she has been struggling for her 4th film. Meanwhile, a request comes from the film archive asking her to manage the new dubbing of an old film made in the 60s recently restored. Ji-wan accepts the request to earn money. She tries to find the script. However, after finding it, she notices some scenes were cut off. Ji-wan decides to find the film footage of missing scenes. On the journey back to the 60s, she begins to ask herself questions. What is movie to her? And what is life?

Butterfly Jam (HUANG Shih-Yen, 2021, 6′)

A young woman describes her father and his relationship to his many pets that he never managed to take care of. The animals consistently die one after the other in a context of a family being torn apart.