ANTIKINO (The Siren’s Echo Chamber) – 05.09 > 06.10.2019Free exhibition – Cinema Galeries

ANTIKINO (The Siren’s Echo Chamber) – 05.09 > 06.10.2019
Free exhibition

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    Berlinale Forum Expanded in Brussels / Exhibition.

    CINEMA GALERIES and The Goethe-Institut Brussels bring to Brussels a selection of works of the collective exhibition ANTIKINO (The Siren’s Echo Chamber) presented at the Forum Expanded of the Berlinale 2019.

    ANTIKINO (THE SIREN’S ECHO CHAMBER) questions contemporary systems of valorization in cinema, and proposes to discuss the changed relationship between moving images and lived life. A mythological theme – the singing sirens and the Odyssey  – Is transposed into a present defined by experiences of migration, displacement and the shadows of colonial history as much as by affective feedback loops in social media. ANTIKINO explores multiple ways of leaving the echo chamber.

    Including works by Evan Calder Williams und Anne Low, Monira Al Qadiri, Heike Baranowsky, James Benning, Félix Blume, Catherine Sullivan, Clarissa Thieme, Clemens von Wedemeyer und Billy Woodberry.

    Curation by Goethe Institute Brussels & Cinema Galeries (Balthazar Blumberg), based on the curation of the Berlinale Forum Expanded 2019 by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus (direction), Anselm Franke, Maha Maamoun, Ulrich Ziemons.