Exhibition: Recurring visions – L’heure d’été Seoul – Cinema Galeries

Exhibition: Recurring visions – L’heure d’été Seoul

    2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Korean cinema. How would one begin to sum up a century of national cinema? National cinema is not a stable entity. Just as a nation is constantly changing, so is its cultural production. South Korea’s modern history is riddled with dramatic turns and drastic measures. Yet one theme that seems to reappear in his films is the concept of “HAAN”, a unique Korean sentiment signifying a combination of deep-rooted sadness and anger suppressed by systematic oppression.

    Yeong-ja’s Heyday’s Kim Ho-sun

    Storytelling, especially in film, shapes and even exorcises the “HAAN”, the collective and personal pain of Korean society. This exhibition traces the controversial term “HAAN” from the age-old folk tale to South Korean films throughout the 20th century. Understanding “HAAN”; can offer insight, a prism through which to view South Korean cinema, and perhaps South Korea as a nation.

    10.07 > 18.08 I 14:00 – 20:00
    Tuesday to Sunday
    Opening 10.07 I 18:00

    Please note! The exhibition will not be open on 20 July

    Galerie de la Reine 26
    1000 Brussels