Milky way (5 short films) – Cinema Galeries

Milky way (5 short films)

  • COUNTRY Philippines, France, Brésil
  • Duration 95
  • Prices 6.00 €, 4.00 €
  • Moderator ticket Article 27, Arsène 50
  • Abonnement Carte 5 places Cinema Galeries, UGC Unlimited, Cineville Pass

The Short Films:


Year: 2022

Country: Philippines

Director: Jake Muñoz Consing

Duration: 1′

OV: tl / SUB: fr-en

A teenager discovers he can use his face massager for… well…


Mars Exalté

Year: 2022

Country: France

Director: Jake Muñoz Consing

Duration: 17′

OV: mute

A city at dawn. A man sleeps, he is beautiful, he is naked, it is hot, he is dreaming…


Léo la nuit

Year: 2021

Country: France

Director: Nans Laborde-Jourdàa

Duration: 23′

OV: fr / SUB: en

Paul goes from job to job, from man to man… This Wednesday, he has to look after his eight-year-old son, whom he has not raised and does not really know. The fantasy that his son displays, in all candour, offers him a troubling reflection.


Fotos Privadas

Year: 2021

Country: Brazil

Director: Marcelo Grabowski

Duration: 20′

OV: pt-br / SUB: fr-en

The couple formed by Rafa and Matheus has to face the excitement and weirdness of having a third member in their apartment. What each one shows or hides from each other reveals different ways of facing feelings.

Le roi qui contemplait la mer

Year: 2022

Country: France, Greece

Director: Jean-Sébastien Chauvin

Duration: 24′

OV: fr-el / SUB: fr-en

Paul arrives in a Mediterranean seaside resort. As he is enjoying the water, his eyes are caught by the arrival of a muscular man with a tanned complexion. This stranger becomes his obsession, feeding an unsettling desire.


Jean-Sébastien Chauvin (Filmmaker)